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Lose Fat Fast. Keep It Off Forever. No Drugs. No Chemicals. No Joke.
Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method
A medically designed protocol that combines weight loss with a healthier lifestyle education that maintains results after dieting. Primarily promotes fat loss while supporting muscle mass with weekly one-on-one coaching.
Tired of jumping from one fad diet to the next? Sick of watching others around you lose weight while you continue to struggle? Stop the guesswork! We use diagnostic testing to connect the dots between your symptoms and real solutions. Let science identify your body's needs and connect them to the solutions that are right for you!
Functional Diagnostic Testing
Resting Metabolic Rate Testing, MicroNutrient Testing, Food Sensitivity Testing, Intestinal Barrier Assessment, Hormone Testing for Men & Women, Adrenal Stress & Neurotransmitter Testing, BioIdentical Hormone Therapy

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What Solutions Will Work For You?

Which diet guru should YOU listen to?

How many calories should YOU consume?

What foods will help YOU lose weight or combat a health condition?

If you don’t know, you are not alone

The information age has made this easier and harder at the same time. There are so many resources – the internet, bookstores and supermarket checkout stands. We are bombarded with health and wellness resources, but they’re often full of hype and conflicting information.

No wonder you’re confused

That’s where BioIntelligent Wellness comes in. Many of our clients were facing the same confusion before they began working with us.

After implementing a few, simple changes, our clients are now enjoying the rewards of lasting results that were achieved easier and more quickly than anything they tried before.

We can help you too!

Stop wasting time and money on solutions that aren’t working. Instead of guessing, let science do the work.

Our scientific solutions will connect the dots between your symptoms and lasting results.

Success Stories

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